Ringdesk integration for 3CX and ODOO

Ringdesk for 3CX enables full call control of your 3CX Client integrated into your ODOO account. It enables you to work smart and efficiently. It will help you to improve the speed of handling phone calls and it will lower your administration time. Also, this App will add call detail information to the ticket and therefore improve your administration and handling history in a clear and transparent way.

(this ODOO integration is also available for Broadsoft, Swyx, Xelion )


  • Signal incoming call and peer number;
  • Automatically link leads or customers to the phone call;
  • Create new ODOO contact after mapping phone number to the source;
  • Add call details to the contact after ending the phone call;
  • Quick dial any ticket related number;
  • Change 3CX user status from ODOO;
  • Call transfer to other Ringdesk/3CX users;
  • Full call control of 3CX Client within ODOO;


  • You need a Ringdesk account. Create one on the portal
  • 3CX V16.4 or higher, Linux based & Access to the Linux server for setup

How to set it up

  • Create your account on https://portal.ringdesk.com
  • In the Ringdesk Portal, go to “users” and edit your account with the correct internal phone number. This number must match the number in 3CX.
  • Install the ODOO Plugin and login with your Ringdesk account;  It will say “No active PBX”.
  • In the Ringdesk portal, go to “myPBX” and add the “3CX Server-side connector”
  • Create a Client ID and a secret for your 3CX connection;
  • Download the 3CX Server side connector from https://ringdesk.com/downloads/ and follow the manual
  • In ODOO the client must signal your 3CX line and you can now control your 3CX server extension!


  • After setting up the solution, you can try it for 10 days free, no limits!
    If you have any problems setting up the integration, please drop us an email at support@ringdesk.com
  • Pricing:
    – € 3,00 per user per month;
    – € 15,00 for the 3CX connector per month;

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