How to integrate Ringdesk CTI

At this point you decided to offer the best CTI integration possible to your end users. Good choice!
In this “manual” we will help you adding the Ringdesk Plug-in to your CRM solution in 3 simple steps.

Implementation 3 steps

  1. Add the following code to your web-based CRM solution:

     <script src=""></script> 
  2. Hook the required events to your CRM solution:

     let app1 = ringdeskApp.init(
    { config: defaultConfig, 
    events: { inbounds: { 
    onDial: (err, data) => {}, 
    onCallAccepted: (data) => {}, 
    onCallEnded: (data) => {}, 
    onIncomingCallRinging: (data) => {},


    See all possible events and functions in our SDK on 

  3. Create your own styling

    styles: {
    mainBox: {
    // 'background-color': '#f9F9F9',
    // 'border': '2px solid #2196F3',
    // 'border-radius': '6px',
    phoneLines: {
    idle: {
    // 'border': '2px solid #5d5d5d',
    // 'font-family': 'inherit',
    // 'background': '#E0E0E0'
    callButton: {
    'background-color': '#1ac221',
    'border-color': '#1ac221',
    color: '#fff'
    icons: {}

    For all possible styling effects please see view-source:

Before you start, let’s check the pre-requirements:

  1. Your CRM solution is web based, and you are the vendor of the solution
  2. You would like to offer CTI based telephone integration for your end-users
  3. You created an user-account on and you are able to login