How to install the Ringdesk 3CX connector on the 3CX server

All Ringdesk CRM integration solutions (Zendesk, ODOO, ZoHo, ….etc )  need a special Plug-in to be installed on the 3CX server. In this manual, you will read how to do this.

Why do you need this Plug-in and how does it work?

In order to receive 3CX server-side events and control one’s extension on the 3CX server, 3CX offers a server-side API. Ringdesk uses its own small application to connect to this API. The Plug-in needs to be installed on the 3CX Linux server. The Ringdesk Plugin will create an encrypted & secure outbound connection to first and then connect to the configured ringdesk proxy-server ( ) to route all events and commands between your 3CX server and your CRM client. The Plugin identifies itself with a unique username and password that we will be naming GUID and Secret in this manual. Keep your GUID and Secret safe and never share this information unneeded.

Ringdesk communication & components diagram ( Blue = Ringdesk components )


In the manual below, the server is named “UNILINXX – 3CX” and the administrator (logged in with “root”) is connected with the Linux server using “OpenSSH Client” (you can use any other preferred command-line tool).

<< If you have a hosting partner and you do not have Linux access rights, please ask your hosting provider to do the installation for you >>

Please go through the following steps

  1. Connect to the 3CX Linux server with Administrator rights using OpenSSH Client (or an other command-line tool).
    Copy the Ringdesk Connector for 3cx (downloaded Zip file) to the Linux server ( in ./var ) and Navigate to the folder location.
  2. Navigate the ./var folder. Command: cd var
  3. Unzip the file using the command: unzip
    The content will be unzipped in the folder “./var/Ringdesk3CX
  4. Navigate the unzipped folder. Command: cd Ringdesk3cx
  5. Make Script executable. Command: chmod 477
    make executable
  6. Execute the script. The installation will start. Command: ./
  7. Enter GUID and Secret if asked for. If you do not have a GUID or Secret, follow the following steps:
    1. Login on
    2. Add “3CX Cloud” at myPBX;
    3. Select tab-page OAuth 2.0
    4. Create a Secret (GUID will be provided);
  8. The connection will be tested after entering. Example:
    enter guid and secret
  9. The installer will try to use System Control to run all installer commands. It will try using System Control SystemCTL first, if it encounters an error it runs with System Control PM2. Ringdesk Connector for 3CX run with either SystemCTL or PM2 showing the following result (example on Dutch Linux server):
    With SystemCTL:
    With PM2:
  10. Check the connection in the Ringdesk portal. Go to “myPBX” and select the 3CX connector. The Connected-Button must show “Connected” like the image below:
  11. Test from https://sdk.ringdesk.comBefore you start, make sure your user profile contains the correct internal phone number. This phone number is the only mapping for the 3CX server API with your user account!
    In the Ringdesk portal, menu “users” go to your user profile and add the internal 3CX number you want to map:

    Log in with your username (email ) and password on and you should be able to control your 3CX extension from here:


  • At Ringdesk we can make some additional settings like number formatting. If you have any issues regarding the number formatting, please send an email to
  • If you have the 3CX Browser extension installed you might create double dials when hitting phone numbers. Please exclude URL’s that are used with Ringdesk to avoid this from happening;