Good! At this point you decided to offer the best phone integration possible to your end users. Good choice! In this „manual“ we will help you adding the Ringdesk Plug-in to your CRM solution in 3 simple steps.

Implementation in 3 steps

  1. Read the best practice and implementation guidelines
  2. Add the following code to your web-based CRM solution: <script src=“″></script> 
  3. Hook the required events to your CRM solution

Create your own styling

styles: { mainBox: { // ‚background-color‘: ‚#f9F9F9‘, // ‚border‘: ‚2px solid #2196F3‘, // ‚border-radius‘: ‚6px‘, }, phoneLines: { idle: { // ‚border‘: ‚2px solid #5d5d5d‘, // ‚font-family‘: ‚inherit‘, // ‚background‘: ‚#E0E0E0‘ }, }, callButton: { ‚background-color‘: ‚#1ac221‘, ‚border-color‘: ‚#1ac221‘, color: ‚#fff‘ }, icons: {}For all possible styling effects please see view-source:

Before you start, let’s check the pre-requirements:

  • Your CRM solution is web based, and you are the vendor of the solution
  • You would like to offer CTI based telephone integration for your end-users
  • You created an user-account on and you are able to login