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Phone integration
for your CRM-system

Ringdesk makes it possible to integrate your web-based CRM system with telephony. Ringdesk supports the most widely used telephony solutions such as Broadsoft, Mitel, Avaya, Swyx and 3CX.

With the Ringdesk SDK (Sofware Development Kit) it’s possible to integrate these telephony platforms in any a CRM solution in just a few steps. You do not need any knowledge of the integration of telephone exchanges. After the integration, you can control the telephone exchange from the CRM solution.

Your users get the right customer data right away in incoming calls or you can start a workflow. More efficiency and greater customer-friendliness: with Ringdesk it is only a few small steps away.

personal &

Efficiënt customer contact

Add Ringdesk callcontrol to your web-based CRM-solution with a simple line of code.

  • No more development costs to link with different telephone exchanges: Ringdesk does everything.
  • Linked to the most used telephone exchanges.
  • Simple event handling for in- and outbound calls.
  • Personal styling and branding for optimal integration.

Phone integration for CRM-systems

the benefits

“With Ringdesk I add extra standard functionality to my CRM solution, which makes my service even more attractive.”

Ruud Pepping, BaseNet

“The Ringdesk plugin offers us the possibility to integrate in one go with the most used telephone exchanges. A great added value for our Broker software!”

Christiaan van Gils, EyeMove

“By adding the Ringdesk plugin to ODOO we get a head start on the competition in the field of telephone integration.”

Remko Strating, ODOO

Supported PBX solutions


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How do I integrate Ringdesk® with my CRM solution?2019-04-23T07:06:13+02:00

Ringdesk is a plugin for CRM developers. Ringdesk must be added to the software by the manufacturer. If you are a user of a CRM solution you cannot integrate the Ringdesk plugin yourself.

What does Ringdesk® cost?2019-04-23T07:05:46+02:00
Is there technical support?2019-04-23T07:04:16+02:00

CRM developers can use free support for installing the plugin.

Which PBX-solutions does Ringdesk® support?2019-04-23T07:03:24+02:00

The Ringdesk plugin currently works with Swyx and 3CX. For 2020 we have the ambition to have integrated the top 10 most frequently used telephone exchanges (subject to the technical possibilities per telephone exchange). Keep an eye on our website for updates!

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